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Yes–maybe you’re T-minus and under 100 days and counting when it comes to graduation, be it undergrad or grad school.  If that’s so, congratulations!  However, you know what that means: it’s time to put the polish on that resume!

But wait, wait!  What if you want something a little cool, new, epic and different to get your resume on the top of that stack?  Well, we’ve been a bit obsessed with this idea ourselves of late, so here are some humble suggestions:

1.  Graphic Design that resume, anyone?  Check out this article in Fast Company, about a new company, Loft Resumes, that will make your resume look like a million bucks – but for the base cost of…not a million bucks…but $99.  Love!

2.  Chart it.  Again, props to FC for this article on ditching the resume to go graphic – chart it out instead.  Infographics are all the rage, anyway, so why not stick out that way, particularly if you’re in a creative industry?

3.  Ditch it and go digital?  This one might be tough, since it can’t really go in a stack – but if you want to avoid the stack altogether, or bring something cool and different to your interview after you’ve cut through the clutter with a stellar resume, why not consider an app?

4.  A ton of visual ideas for DIY.  Why not create your own?  Need ideas?  Head over to pinterest and just search “resume.”  Bam, tons of cool ideas there!

5.  Duh, a simple google search – will give you all kinds o’ cool ideas to make your resume a one of a kind – like here, and here.  Oh, and here too.

The world famous movie What a Girl Wants said it best: “Stop trying to fit in when you were born to stand out.”  So STAND OUT!  Here’s your official invitation!


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