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Just returned from a 4 day mini-spring break trip to Paris and Belgium.  You know what that means: a LOT o’ plane time.  What that also means?  A LOT o’ fun reading time!

I finished up a book that I intended to read, and wasn’t quite ready for the other long book to read that I packed on the way out, so I popped into the IND’s bookstore at terminal A and bought The Hunger Games.  Of course, now I’m completely sucked in to the trilogy, and still need to complete the third book sometime before reality hits next week (thanks, Ms. Collins, for ruining my future un-productive weekend).

BUT–fear not!  There are lessons to be learned from this awesome trifecta of books.  If you’re a busy ‘trep like the rest of us with either no plane time or no fun time in sight, here is a great article from Forbes on 5 Lessons that Marketers can take from The Hunger Games, which I dug.

But coming at it from the ‘trep point of view, here are 5 other things I think a trep can take from reading this book series, and without trying to spoil the plot, (I definitely don’t want to ruin it for you if you can find the time to read it) I’ll break down these tips that I picked up for you now:

1.  “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”  Steve Jobs of course said this best–and Steve of course had nothing to do with this triology.  However, this is a theme for this book series as well as the ‘trep.  EVERYONE loves to tell you that you are wrong when it comes to starting your business.  Everyone is going to say you’re crazy at one point.  But seriously–who are they to tell you that your dream of your own business is wrong?  Be crazy enough to TRY.  That’s the point here.  Next.

2.  You. Are. The mockingjay to someone.  Inspiration: you ooze it as a true ‘trep.  You never know when you’ll be inspiring others to live THEIR best lives by hearing your story.  Be careful with this formidable power you possess (despite a potentially abysmal online influence score.  I won’t say which one.  I’m still mad about mine.) This bird is a symbol in the book that shows people what could be possible, and entrepreneurs are ALL about possibilities.  Never underestimate the power of your inspiration on others.  Ever.

3.  A Touch of Rebellion sells.  A lot of ‘treps love sticking it to the man.  And by man, I don’t mean literally a man, I mean whatever institution they believe could be better.  ‘Treps like rocking the boat, stirring the pot, and shaking things up.  The lead character in this book trilogy is learning how to stick it to the man through her own growing up, and so should ‘treps through their journeys.  It’s subtle (to OK, sometimes blatant) rebellion.  And that’s sometimes what it truly takes to make things better in this world, and we all know that a lot of things around here could stand some serious improvement.

4.  Live like today is your last day.  In the series, the main characters are fighting for their lives pretty much every day.  ‘Treps live like this too.  They exude passion for what they do, and have an unparalleled sense of urgency.  Live each day like there is no tomorrow…a friendly reminder that I was re-reminded of while reading the first two books of this series.

5.  Love is all there is.  This almost becomes a circle of 5 tips for ‘treps, simply because 5 is a lot like 1.  In the end?  Love is really all that matters, and ‘treps get this.  Not really sure what it is that you individually love, but my point here?  Try and love it with everything you’ve got – if that’s your dream, your business, your family, or all the above.  Just try with all your might.  Because at the darkest points, the love may be the only thing that keeps you going.

Those are the big 5 lessons that popped into my head as I read book 1 & 2 of The Hunger Games set.  As for book 3?  You now know where I’ll be this weekend–wrapping up my spring break, somewhat guilt ridden, but I’m pretty sure page turning book 3 with reckless abandon.

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