Single. Women. Entrepreneures.

There’s been a lot of buzz in the Indy scene of late about entrepreneurship.  Piece on the local FOX affiliate was a good example, discussing the state of entrepreneurship in Indy and the Mayor supporting the movement in his state of the city address.

However, as I watched the piece, I started naturally counting the number of women in it.  Other than reporter?  I saw one.  ONE.  Considering we are a 50/50 population now, coupled with the fact that single women in particular start more businesses than males in that category – is that right?

In this era of “post-feminism,” I also saw a piece on OWN the other day about Gloria Steinem and all the great work she’s done.  However, my question at bar again – are we there yet?  When it comes to stuff like–healthcare, Constitutional rights, even equal pay – ALL of these have been and continue to be challenged in the media, in Congress and in our lives when it comes to women.

Ladies, I’m here to remind all of us that we STILL have a LOT of work to do.  It was just evident yet again in the piece above regarding entrepreneurship that we need to rock the world’s boardrooms, C-suites, and legislative bodies.  Let’s do this – we can do better – and let’s not quit on the vision Gloria had for all of us – equality, justice, and fairness for all!  Last but not least, we cannot allow reversion of our rights and our demand of equality.

Call it entrepreneurship, equality or any other e – let’s just keep moving forward out there!


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