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There’s been a lot of talk on the faceplace this week about the tragedy of the freshman at IU who died this weekend after falling down stairs in a home.  In Indiana, we now have a Lifeline Law that allows peers drinking to help and assist their friends who drank too much when calling 911 for help, but this case this week has a lot of people wondering if the Lifeline Law is actually working for students.

One of my friends on faceplace had a brilliant idea – to put the Lifeline Law on student college and university IDs.  I thought this was brilliant.  The other suggestions included having the students read the law and sign something at orientations that they understand it.  However, this isn’t as great, because there now is an overwhelming amount of paperwork that students sign at orientation, and it could get lost in the paper shuffle.

Why I think the college and university ID placement of the law is brilliant is because students carry their IDs with them wherever they go during college or university, unlike student handbooks and policies.  The ID is their lifeline in a way at college – they buy everything with it and show it, so why not put the lifeline law on their lifelines during college?

Another thing I’m finding interesting is that the demographics of parents and children are changing in the U.S. Check out this infographic on the reversed role of adult children living with their parents now vs. the 1960s.  How might we keep the cost of living down for adult children, so that they may flourish?

That leads me to alternatives for high school students who want to further their education, but may not be ready for a university, or just want more hands on apprentice-level learning vs. 4 years of classroom-based learning.  If that’s the case for you or your family, check out Apprentice University’s info night in Carmel, IN Aug 27th.  What we like about this option is that it is an OPTION.  Not everyone was built to maximize their learning from the traditional route of college or university – and for those who aren’t, here now is an option.

…and we LOVE options here!

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